Crossing Over – Part 1

It is said in 2 Corinthians 4:17 – The little troubles we suffer now for a short time are making us ready for the great things God is going to give us, forever ! This is just a taste of the motivation, Pastor Graeme, leaves with us in this 2

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How does one rebuild there lives after a tragedy or change to a new environment. The story of Nehemiah, helps us understand this and apply it to our lives. Take a listen to the sermon for more details.

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Dry Bones

God says in Ezekiel to speak a prophetic message to our dry bones so every dry and dead area in our lives is brought to life again! Listen to how we can accomplish just that.

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Dont Die In The Wilderness

We have all been, in sometime of our lives, frustrated,¬†discouraged, depressed and felt hopeless….but these troubled aspects¬†that we face, are used as a path to the Promise Land – to grow us from within! Listen to why you should not “Die In The Wilderness” by Pastor Graeme Saunders.

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