• The Good God

    It is the Goodness of God that brings us to repentance ! Ps Jess, explains the meaning behind today’s captivating caption !

  • With Power and Might

    You will be fruitful and anointed with Might and Power

  • You Are So Loved

    SECURITY + IDENTITY = DESTINY Listen to our sermon titled “You Are So Loved” that will explain how Security and Your Identity will get You

  • Supply Won’t Run Dry – Pt 2

    GOD has a supply for every aspect of your life that won’t run dry !

  • Special Miracle Service

    Ps Wessel Du Bruyn, enlightens us on the Holy Spirit ! This special service will take you by storm !

  • Your Supply Won’t Run Dry

    Pastor Graeme, elaborates on 1 Kings 17:8-15, Why your supply by the Lord God won’t run dry !

  • Family Blessing Service

    Our Family Blessing Service has a special declaration prayer over your family to protect, bless, and multiply them in all aspects of their lives. Take a

  • Be Fruitful & Multiply Pt 2

    We continue with our Vision for the year of 2019 – Be Fruitful & Multiply !

  • Be Fruitful & Multiply

    Gen 1:26-28 – Be Fruitful & Multiply. 2019 is the year of multiplication. Take a listen to what God wants to do in our lives.

  • What do you want Me to do for You

    All you need to do is ask ! God can do the impossible and all it takes is for you to let Him know what