• In The Secret

    Matthew 6 – Then your Father, who sees what is done IN SECRET, will reward you… Pastor Jesse, illustrates a beautiful picture of how the

  • How to Survive a Famine

    Everyone has a dream. It is a powerful picture of the future that produces a passion that ignites faith! What is your dream ?

  • Uncommon

    Acts 10:9 says, “Do not call what I cleanse common.” The things that God does for us is nothing common. It is unusual, unconventional, unexpected,

  • It Was All For You – Pt 2

    Resurrection Sunday, has defeated all; As this is the Day the Son of God rose again. You have a Saviour that is alive forever more

  • It Was All For You

    Who is Jesus? Pastor Jesse Saunders, enlightens us on Who is Jesus and Why people were around Him.

  • No Negotiations

    We should not negotiate with anyone for the plans that God has for you !

  • See It, Hear It, Do It

    God Sees All, God Hears All, God Does All

  • There’s A Payoff

    Proverbs 14:23 – Hardwork will always pay off !

  • Gatekeepers

    We are the Gatekeepers of our lives – What we See, What we Believe, What we Say, What we Feel and What we Hear, are

  • The Just God

    Jeremiah 51:36 – Cast all your cares upon me, bring your injustices as I am, The Just God !