• Not Coming Down

    A powerful message inspired by the life of Nehemiah. Nehemiah was doing a great work but faced many oppositions – your dream may be faced

  • Extra

    Being an extra person opens up the door for extra blessings in your life. Never do just the ordinary!


    Be encouraged by the life of David in this inspirational message.

  • Stronger and Stronger

    Be encouraged by the life of David in this message!

  • I Got this

    King David accomplished great things in his life because he was anointed and you’ve gotta know that you’re anointed as well! When you know this, you

  • The King in you

    We are royalty!

  • More than double

  • It’s your due season

    God has a new season in store for you! Things that seemed dead are about to come to life again!

  • Overcoming the overwhelming

  • The Fathers Favour

    God wants you to believe right about Him. He is loving kind and generous and most of all He wants to have a relationship with