• Setting The Atmosphere

    Isaiah 43:18-19 “Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing” Set your Atmosphere to

  • Receive

    Jesus, took a deep breathe in…and breathe out and said,”Receive in the Holy Spirit!” Why did Jesus take a deep breathe in? Pastor Graeme, shares

  • The Wonderful Works of God

    Pastor Graeme explains the story in Act 2:1-21 and how The Wonderful Works of God will be coming to your life, to your family, and

  • Even If

    When you are in the furnace, do not be “hot-headed” instead be still, have patience and have faith !

  • Dig Deep

    Pastor Graeme says,”Jesus, gives us the picture that not only does He want to build strong lives in that is blessed and prosperous but He

  • Built to Last – Pt 1

    You build your house on a strong foundation to withstand against the storm. In the same way we should build our faith on a strong

  • In The Secret

    Matthew 6 – Then your Father, who sees what is done IN SECRET, will reward you… Pastor Jesse, illustrates a beautiful picture of how the

  • How to Survive a Famine

    Everyone has a dream. It is a powerful picture of the future that produces a passion that ignites faith! What is your dream ?

  • Uncommon

    Acts 10:9 says, “Do not call what I cleanse common.” The things that God does for us is nothing common. It is unusual, unconventional, unexpected,

  • It Was All For You – Pt 2

    Resurrection Sunday, has defeated all; As this is the Day the Son of God rose again. You have a Saviour that is alive forever more