• I Don’t care!

    This sermon teaches us about the 8 things Jesus didn’t care about… and if Jesus didn’t care, neither should we!

  • When Jesus shows up

    The miracle of the water turning into wine only took place when the servants began pouring! Taking a step of faith even when you don’t

  • Supernatural Church Pt 2 Miracles

    Miracles are not a one time event in the life of a believer but an everyday occurrence! You were made to see miracles, signs and

  • Supernatural Church

    When you as a believer put the word in you get the Supernatural Out! The Church was made to be Supernatural!

  • Slay it – Sleeping Giants

  • Drug muled – The Vanessa Goosen story

    Tricked into drug smuggling and sentenced to 16 years in a Thailand prison whilst pregnant, Vanessa Goosen shares her incredible testimony of her ordeal in

  • Slay It

    You know you’re about to enter the next level when a Giant shows up! Giants precede promotion! Keep pushing through, your blessing is on its

  • You Shall Be

    Where you are now is nothing compared to where God wants to take you! Listen and be inspired by this message

  • Door of Abundance

    We as believers have access to the Door of Abundance! It keeps in the Blessing and keeps out the curse!