• Slay It

    You know you’re about to enter the next level when a Giant shows up! Giants precede promotion! Keep pushing through, your blessing is on its

  • You Shall Be

    Where you are now is nothing compared to where God wants to take you! Listen and be inspired by this message

  • Door of Abundance

    We as believers have access to the Door of Abundance! It keeps in the Blessing and keeps out the curse!

  • Resurrection Sunday

    There’s a new day dawning! It may seem over but God always has a resurrection day in store for you!

  • Good Friday – Remember Me

    Our Good Friday message celebrates all the good things Christ has done for us. It will be sure to uplift you!

  • It’s time for your Exit Part 2

    God never intended his children to be slaves but to be blessed and favored and through all the families will be blessed. God’s original design

  • Strong Minds

    Ps Trevor Saunders shares a word on how to develop a Strong Mind

  • Challenge of Change

    Its time to reinvent yourself! Romans 12:1,2 I appeal to you brothers by the mercies of God, Be transformed.

  • It’s time for your Exit

    It’s time for your exit out of Egypt, the land of bondage and oppression! God has promised more for you! You can have health, wealth,