It’s important to us to continue to host services safely for you and your family, therefore we will be proceeding with the following measures which we encourage all our members and visitors to follow:

  1. Please ensure that there is No physical contact with each other. Instead of elbow bumping, we only encourage waving or any other non-contact form of greeting.
  2. Please keep your mask on at all times during service.
  3. If you or your family display any flu or flu-like symptoms we encourage you to please see a doctor and stay at home.
  4. If you are going or have gone for a COVID-19 test, or have come in contact with someone who has tested positive, please stay at home and follow the recommended quarantine period.
  5. Please take extra precaution by staying at home if you are elderly or have any medical condition.

Here’s what we’re doing to ensure a safe space for you and your family to attend services :

  1. Our entire facilities undergoes deep sanitation on a monthly basis. This involves a sanitization company that comes out and thoroughly fogs the entire facility i.e auditorium, foyer, toilets and other areas.
  2. In addition to the fogging we also ensure all surfaces and areas are sanitized before each Sunday.
  3. Each chair is sanitized and swopped out for another set of sanitized chairs before each service.
  4. Tithing buckets are placed at the exit, so there is no handling or passing of buckets.

In addition to the above, we will continue to follow Government health and safety regulations for each service:

1. Hand sanitiser stations will be available at the entrance for self-sanitisation
2. Temperature screening will take place at the entrance
3. Seating will be arranged as per regulation of 1,5m distance apart


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we make every effort to protect all who attend our services.